You have probably heard the phrase “content is king.” It’s true that having a lot of content on your site can help you gain popularity when it comes to page rankings on search engines. However, quality counts just as much as quantity. In fact, Internet readers would rather read good content a few times per week than boring or incorrect content everyday.

In my position as a copywriter at an Arizona web design firm, I sometimes find clients who do not fully understand the importance of unique, quality content on their new site. Fortunately, most business owners do know the reasons behind the need for such content, or I wouldn’t have a job. But for those who are still unsure whether they should write their own content or have very little on their website, here are the top three reasons to boast the best content you can find.

1. Your Readers Seek Information:

Think about when you go online. Whether you use Google or go straight to a website, your main goal is to obtain new information. The more accurate info you find, the more successful your search is considered. When you reach your online destination, you want to find what you seek as soon as possible, which is what many Arizona web design studios know. Most copywriters that write for websites know this as well. This means that if you don’t want to hire a writer, you’d better figure out for yourself what your readers need from your site, and how best to get it to them fast. Give your readers what you would want from a site, which is good, unique material.

2. You Want to Appear Knowledgeable About Your Product:

Whether you sell fancy pens or industrial machines, your readers will appreciate some unique information about your product or service. You don’t have to include it on your homepage, but it would be helpful to have a weekly blog detailing the different types of your product, or maybe the best uses for your services. Not only will you help your customer decide on which product or service to buy, but you will seem knowledgeable about what you’re selling, which is crucial.

3. Consumers Will Have a Reason to Visit Your Site Again and Again:

Even if your website viewers are not quite ready to buy an expensive pen or giant machine, as long as your content informs and entertains them, they will remember you and come back. This is especially true if the Arizona web design firm that built your website did an exceptional job with it. What Internet user can resist a simple, streamlined design with informative, up-to-date content? Even if they never buy a product from you, they might bookmark or share your site with others if they find your content interesting enough.


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